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The Open House

Just remember that an open house style format means that people will come and go as they are able.

You get way more personal time with your guests instead of everyone vying for your time at once. I see your concerns though. With an open house, I see it as open, meaning anyone can come. But you typically see people stay for a shorter period of time with an open house, and I would be surprised if you had everyone there at once. What does your mom think of it? I think she should be the person you listen to the most because she's throwing it.

I think it's a fantastic idea though, and if I was doing a shower this time around I would definitely steal it. But my guest list would be closer to 30 and I personally have enough space to do it.

Revolutionary War Baby Shower

Get some hoop rolling going for the kids and adults! This was a past-time of kids way back in the day. Get some fun accessories and set up an area for pictures:

  • three cornered hats
  • fake muskets
  • lanterns
  • red coats
  • vests
  • scrolls

Instead of a guestbook, have a parchment like paper and have everyone sign at the bottom (like signing the declaration), you could print the declaration at the top, or make your own.

Many baby shower games are silly but you could have a trivia portion (with prizes) or at least some fun facts printed out. Or just leave trivia cards on tables for people to play with/ look at while eating.

I've seen team building exercises where people construct a flag with one person blindfolded and two people directing the construction. Use the revolutionary flag!

Have everyone sign a star or a stripe with well wishes for the baby, and construct a flag (would be cute if they were fabric and you had then sewed together).

Make some beanbags that look like tea bags or cannon balls and have a bean bag toss (corn hole) type game.

Have food with a theme - tea, macaroni salad (Jefferson brought back macaroni from France to introduce to the colonies), cherry pie (for Washington), etc

Second Showers

These are great for fun themed shower that might not be mother's first.

The way I've seen it work is that the second baby shower is an excuse for people to buy you cutesy gendered stuff, but also have more fun than the first time around.

If your second baby is a girl, then you get a bunch of floofy pink clothes and toys. If it's a boy, a bunch of blue clothes and boy-themed toys.

People don't generally register for or buy big ticket items like car seats because, yes, you can reuse them despite the gender difference between the babies.

The Rules To Second Baby Showers

I think it is clear that the rule of thumb for anything but the first baby shower is, big gifts and big showers are for the first baby only. I, personally, don't think it's weird to have more showers as I know many people see it as, "celebrating this new kid," and nothing more. I do think it's weird (and rude) to have showers after the first kid and expect gifts. Maybe two if it is the opposite sex, but that is still stretching it.

But besides the different gender situation that's it for baby showers. If you have one for each kid it's seen as tacky.

People traditionally give gifts at baby showers because it's a way of helping the new mom get all of the many tools a new baby needs. Things like car seats, bottles, etc., the sort of things a first time mom doesn't have and the sort of thing a second time mom should already have.

After the first, I don't think gifting anything more than a (small) toy or stuffed animal is reasonable. In this case, a handmade blanket is a big gift because of the work that goes into it.

If the couple has taste, they will specify that they do not want/need more gifts for the baby. They can do this with simple baby sprinkle. Or if they really want to discourage gifts they can do a gender reveal baby sprinkle. This is a good explanation of what a gender reveal in the context of a baby sprinkle is.

Even if the shower is for a first time mother that doesn't mean that it should be set up like a gift grab. However, just look at it as celebration for your baby in which you could receive some gifts, but also not.

I don't think the shower was ever intended for gift-grabbing.

I think it's more so of a celebration of your new arrival. You're not crowd funding your baby by having a shower, you are just celebrating in a perfectly socially accepted way, the way rich and poor people alike do.

Diapers Are A Mother's Best Friend

I always loved getting believe it or not diapers! Oh the diapers one baby can go through! (This is also why I give them as gifts as well.)

To give a gift such as diapers, however, you may want to check with the parents to find out if they are using disposable or cloth diapers.

I'm not a "brand snob" with most things... but my babies all had sensitive skin, and Pamper's seemed to work best overall for us. Also Pamper's sensitive wipes. :-) For my fair skinned children, Burt's Bees was the best option for diaper ointment, powders, lotions, etc.

I'm not sure of your price range but there are so many practical gifts that you can make fun by turning them into baskets, care packages, or even diaper cakes!

I just did a quick Google search for diaper cake and got so many options:

There are premade ones you can buy at Target (they look okay, and somewhat affordable, but don't have the unique flair I tend to look for)

Or... Etsy, has plenty of unique options for premades. :)

...or there are plenty of tutorials on how to make your own. (The route I usually go, cuz I'm a crafty lil troll :-D)

Here is a neat YouTube playlist of Diaper Cakes, mostly how to videos for fun and unique designs.

And I also stumbled upon this page, 10 creative diaper cakes, and thought I'd share. :) Some cute concepts in there, but really more of an idea kickstarter for me than a tutorial.

Eeek. I got a lil passionate about something as nerdy as a fun and unique baby shower gift! Hope it helps, though!

Before I go I'd like to add a couple more quick notes...

Receiving blankets, soft baby washcloths, onesies, and toys that encourage development in babies are other practical, yet appreciated gifts.

And lastly, my all time favorite thing to put newborn baby in is a Baby Sleep Sack. They are the most convenient clothing for a newborn who is used to being curled up in a ball and needs a diaper change.

These are all useful, but not entirely fun:

  • For my baby shower, the hostess made me a 3 tier diaper cake using newborn and size 1 diapers. That helped so very much.
  • I used the diaper disposal thing a lot. That thing was fantastic.
  • Find out if they plan to use bottles. If they do, get them some of those along with the replacement nipples.
  • Bibs. Once that kid starts drooling/teething they will be a clothes saver.

A Coed Baby Shower Is A Preference

A coed baby shower is a preference, and if you are like me you might prefer to have everyone there.

You can host them at your home and offer your guests a ton of food and drinks. Even though some people are not fan of alcohol at baby showers it can be appropriate depending on your views and your guests.

When you get included in a coed baby shower all it really means is that the guests will be in mixed company.

Something practical that other people often forget like a onesie, nappies or baby health care and something nice for her maybe some nice belly butter, skincare or gift voucher or something. I'm pretty young and the first of my friends to have babies so I mostly just got adorable things (which was great) but if she's tight on money it might be a bit distressing if all she has is cute headbands or party dresses for the baby.

There are a bunch of the little things that other people forget when it comes to baby showers and you can be a real life saver. If you have had experience with children, especially babies you will know what the difference is between having something that is really crucial and not knowing what crucial really is. This includes things like:

  • bulb suckers/nail clippers,
  • hair brush,
  • diaper covers (so baby didn't have to go out in a onesie in stifling summer heat),
  • dirty diaper baggies,

These are items that most people wouldn't think to gift at a shower but would still be handy and that she might not have the spare money to pick up when she ends up needing them.

Or even simply diapers.

Diapers are one of those items that you will never have enough of as a parent. It's hard not picking out adorable clothes or blankets but it seems like people are so overwhelmed with all that stuff.

I bought a friend a baby wash/lotion set after her daughter was born and she was so excited because she forgot to buy one for her baby.

Opening the Gifts Is Tradition

It is pretty typical to open gifts in front of guests at any sort of baby shower.

The purpose of them is to shower the guest of honor with gifts. They want to see your face when you open them. It's just the tradition. If you don't want to open presents around people make sure to have lots of activities and games because gift opening will be something that guests are expecting.

So you'll want to keep them busy.

There are however instances where you will want to skip this. This really depends on the type of person mommy-to-be is.

Our best advice.

If it makes you feel totally uncomfortable, DON'T DO IT! It's YOUR day. You can ask people to do clear wrap, or claim you want to be "eco friendly" and ask people to skip paper. When your guests arrive, meet them at the door, accept the gift/open the card, ooh and ahh and have one of your friends note the gift/giver and arrange them all to make a pretty display table.

You can take this even further; have the guests play a game while your opening presents, so that way your not the full center of attention. Not a game that needs everyone's attention, but can keep a couple people busy at a time. This way you won't feel awkward, with everyone just staring at you while you open presents. In toehr words, you can only say "awww" or "so cute!" or "I love it" so many times before it gets old.

So if you motto is: "I hate being the center of attention!"

At one shower we attended guests filled out their own bingo cards with what they thought the mother to be got and would mark them as she opened presents. It definitely steered some of the attention off mom since everyone was focusing on the game too.

Another way to get around it is have them bring the gift unwrapped. Then just have a display table. I've seen it done at bridal showers, but there's always some that are wrapped anyways.

Typically they want to watch you open up the gifts. At one baby shower one guest was hating on all the games we were planning and kept asking when we would just open the presents already.

I Think The Colors Are All Mixed Up

I think that the color schemes are totally mixed up when it comes to baby showers.

I love telling people how recent the idea of pink for girls/blue for boys is, because you can bet anyone who is a stickler for the concept has no idea that early 20th century boys wore pink because it was the more masculine color.

This has always always been one of my favorite facts! Correct me if I'm wrong, please, but wasn't that because blue represented purity and pink was derived from red (blood, battles, and all that jazz, some conditions may apply.)?

More on point, OP, the colors you chose do sound quite neutral and more than likely look lovely together; most stereotypical boy colors seem to be more bold and pigmented rather than "baby" or a pastel such as mint.

If you're afraid of soon-to-be-grandma-Meg's opinion, perhaps as suggested above, give the gift before the party? Personally, I might contact Melissa asking how the party is shaping up, if she needs any help, and mention how much I enjoyed making baby's present and how the time it took was SO worth it, but that I was a touch worried that the colors might not be "feminine enough" in the eyes of some of our family. If she agrees someone might put up a stink that it's not pink, maybe meet for a bite to eat and give her the blanket there, then pick up a smaller gift that is more run-of-the-mill for the actual party.

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