Pink Baby Shower Invitations

Sip-N-Sees. Well. It's A Great Idea

I think this is a great idea, and it's one that some cultures have "built in" to their baby-related social customs.

The 100th Day parties is sort of a "coming out" party for the baby, and it used to be a celebration of baby surviving the neonatal period. We make it into a birthday party of sorts, with lots of friends, food, treats, cake, etc.

Some people bring small gifts, but we advertise it such that most do not bring anything. It's ultimately a celebration of the baby's birth and health, so it's nice to keep it simple and fun. This can be great for people who want to wait for the gender. It their idea is to wait until the baby was born because they chose to not find out the gender of the baby before birth, but I think your idea is similar and would work!

A sip-and-see is great since it give you the option to host a normal celebration.

You may have heard about them before and not even realized it. Some people call them a baby meet and greet. If you have ever been invited to one you know how they work. Everyone is able to see the baby and play with her and the mother gets a little break for the afternoon as everyone wants to hold the baby, change her and feed her. Expect the mother to share her birth story with you and just a little finger food. Some people might bring gifts but no-one should fell obligated.

If you are like me you are definitely leaning towards a meet-the-baby BBQ instead of a baby shower with cheesy games.

Thinking Babies

When you think creative baby shower do not do any of the "classic" which are generally awful and often disgusting IMO. Consider doing trivia night/bar trivia instead of traditional games and you may have a couple baby shower games which you might get enjoyment from. At my friend's shower we did crafts - a keepsake bead bracelet for the guests and a decorative tile for the baby's nursery, and that was fun too.

Above all though, if you have strong opinions about what you want, either refuse to let someone else throw it for you (someone will likely offer) or make sure that person understands and is on board with what you want. Otherwise there's a good chance you won't get it.

If you want to make a good impression you might consider a coed shower with friends providing the food. Then arrange a few "stations" of activities (guess how much candy was in the giant baby bottle, guess the actual birthday of the baby calendar, graffiti the diaper to give mom and dad some late night laughs).

But the two biggest recommendations I would make:

  1. baby "bar" trivia. We had 20 questions (10 general knowledge about babies and pregnancy and 10 about babies in pop culture-including name that baby) and a taste test round where people had to identify 5 flavors of baby food. This got a lot of positive feedback from guests and was a lot of fun. Let me know if you want all the questions and answer sheet I created. Be happy to send it along.
  2. in lieu of cards, we asked people to bring a book they'd want us to read with baby and to inscribe it with a message. We got so many amazing books. One of my SO's friends brought a book from his actual childhood library for us to read. Other people gave us copies of their faves... It was truly a cool endeavor.

Cutting The Cost

When I see first time planners they all tend to make the same mistakes, over and over again.

These are just a couple of questions that should be answered before you move forward.

  • Why on earth does it have to be at a restaurant? Why can you not do it at someone's house to save on costs?
  • Why do you need multiple showers? Can you not invite all guests to one shower? (If there are too many people, I can see why you'd need to host it at a restaurant, but I don't understand why you would need three showers.)
  • Your sister should give you a guest list and contact info for those people, that way you do not decide who to invite.
  • If your sister's friends seem to think it has to be adorable because they are event planners, let them host it and pay for it. Or ask them for cheap and cute ideas that you can afford.
  • For favors, there are a million ideas out there; bath bombs, nail polish, alcohol, etc. Depends on your theme and the feel you're going for.

First off restaurant showers are way more expensive. Generally the host is expected to pay the entire restaurant tab. I have never been at a shower where the bill was split among guests. This is why events are usually hosted at someone's house or a hall where food can be made. One can save by having the shower in the early afternoon (1ish) and just serving some appetizers and cake. Showers are usually at someone's house and the hosts provide light food and drinks. It can even just be cake and punch as long as it's not directly over a meal time.

And no, she can just invite people she is personally close too. There's no rule that says XYZ has to be invited.

Why are you having 2 showers? This is something that young hostesses tend to over due. A shower is a shower. You have one of them and then you call your work done. Could you imagine going through all of through work of planning two guest lists? It is almost all that we can do to plan and invite one set of guests. Organizing two parties is trial by fire at best. The chance that one of them will be a success is low when you heap another one on the side.

  • No, I don't think you have to invite her friends' moms if your sister is not close with any of them. I actually think that's very nice to invite Janice's mother if they are close.
  • Yes, invite Valerie's sisters. If they don't come, that's on them. And you don't want to hurt their feelings if your sister is close to them.
  • So now your sister is having 3 showers? See this is where I'm confused in the first place. Why can't you have all family and friends together? If you are looking to cut costs, you could consider renting a Legion Hall or Fire Hall and bringing outside food (like hoagie trays, pasta salad, etc.) Plus if you do this, chances are people will offer to bring food.
  • You will probably want to do favors, but imo avoid junk items that nobody really wants or has use could do little candy bags with something like little M&Ms with your sister's due date on them, a small candle in little pink or blue bags with a hand-lettered (or computer printed-out) tag with your sister's name and due date, etc. Pintrest is prob your best bet for this type of idea.
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