I always loved getting believe it or not diapers! Oh the diapers one baby can go through! (This is also why I give them as gifts as well.)

To give a gift such as diapers, however, you may want to check with the parents to find out if they are using disposable or cloth diapers.

I'm not a "brand snob" with most things... but my babies all had sensitive skin, and Pamper's seemed to work best overall for us. Also Pamper's sensitive wipes. :-) For my fair skinned children, Burt's Bees was the best option for diaper ointment, powders, lotions, etc.

I'm not sure of your price range but there are so many practical gifts that you can make fun by turning them into baskets, care packages, or even diaper cakes!

I just did a quick Google search for diaper cake and got so many options:

There are premade ones you can buy at Target (they look okay, and somewhat affordable, but don't have the unique flair I tend to look for)

Or... Etsy, has plenty of unique options for premades. :)

...or there are plenty of tutorials on how to make your own. (The route I usually go, cuz I'm a crafty lil troll :-D)

Here is a neat YouTube playlist of Diaper Cakes, mostly how to videos for fun and unique designs.

And I also stumbled upon this page, 10 creative diaper cakes, and thought I'd share. :) Some cute concepts in there, but really more of an idea kickstarter for me than a tutorial.

Eeek. I got a lil passionate about something as nerdy as a fun and unique baby shower gift! Hope it helps, though!

Before I go I'd like to add a couple more quick notes...

Receiving blankets, soft baby washcloths, onesies, and toys that encourage development in babies are other practical, yet appreciated gifts.

And lastly, my all time favorite thing to put newborn baby in is a Baby Sleep Sack. They are the most convenient clothing for a newborn who is used to being curled up in a ball and needs a diaper change.

These are all useful, but not entirely fun:

  • For my baby shower, the hostess made me a 3 tier diaper cake using newborn and size 1 diapers. That helped so very much.
  • I used the diaper disposal thing a lot. That thing was fantastic.
  • Find out if they plan to use bottles. If they do, get them some of those along with the replacement nipples.
  • Bibs. Once that kid starts drooling/teething they will be a clothes saver.