A coed baby shower is a preference, and if you are like me you might prefer to have everyone there.

You can host them at your home and offer your guests a ton of food and drinks. Even though some people are not fan of alcohol at baby showers it can be appropriate depending on your views and your guests.

When you get included in a coed baby shower all it really means is that the guests will be in mixed company.

Something practical that other people often forget like a onesie, nappies or baby health care and something nice for her maybe some nice belly butter, skincare or gift voucher or something. I'm pretty young and the first of my friends to have babies so I mostly just got adorable things (which was great) but if she's tight on money it might be a bit distressing if all she has is cute headbands or party dresses for the baby.

There are a bunch of the little things that other people forget when it comes to baby showers and you can be a real life saver. If you have had experience with children, especially babies you will know what the difference is between having something that is really crucial and not knowing what crucial really is. This includes things like:

  • bulb suckers/nail clippers,
  • hair brush,
  • diaper covers (so baby didn't have to go out in a onesie in stifling summer heat),
  • dirty diaper baggies,

These are items that most people wouldn't think to gift at a shower but would still be handy and that she might not have the spare money to pick up when she ends up needing them.

Or even simply diapers.

Diapers are one of those items that you will never have enough of as a parent. It's hard not picking out adorable clothes or blankets but it seems like people are so overwhelmed with all that stuff.

I bought a friend a baby wash/lotion set after her daughter was born and she was so excited because she forgot to buy one for her baby.